ideas are at
the heart of
what we do.


we help brands stand out through effective video content.


ants are known for teamwork and lifting beyond their weights.
our sensibilities and strengths complement each other.

sam kang li

co-founder & director

journalist turned photographer. photographer turned commercial film director. avid reader of non-fiction. recreational poet. football player. mountain over beaches. pencil over keyboard. INFP personality type. chronic inventor of puns. reconnaissance officer of singapore’s army. almost jailed in afghanistan. eats to live. makes his bed every morning. makes commercials to make people happy.

cecilia ang

executive producer

capricorn with a whiff of gemini. ocean over mountain. dance over sleep. life over love. always hungry. never stopping.

huong ngo

business development

strategic mind. non-fiction readers. good listener. optimist. visual and story seeker. yoga lover. meditator. occasional solo traveller. everest base camp trekker.

kim tran


part time writing concept. part time AD-ing. full time alcoholic and clearly a story addict. may look uncomfortable around strangers but actually truly be (uncomfortable) inside.

eunice goh

head of post production

visual storyteller. sarcastic. empathetic. pussy-lover. reformed alcoholic. triple scorpio sun moon rising.



hunting for the best cơm tấm of saigon after work. learning to be a better storyteller. occasionally still-life photographer and music composer. scribbler. brunch hunter. dancer. solves rubik’s cube in 10 seconds. plays coding games. finds the sound of chewing annoying but sneezes like a dad. gemini. hufflepuff. INFP. in relationship with the sound of thunder, in an affair with the sound of snow falling. ex vodka drinker. ex soviet boi. make breakfast in bed. sleep at night dream in daylight.

thuy luu

senior accountant

diligent yet lazy, flexible yet inflexible, simple yet complicated or a combination of these all.  reliable and supportive. daily engaged with numbers. love everything B&W. a fan of BBQ and sashimi. in pursuit of soundly sleeping.

thuy nguyen


friendly turnt funny after alcohol. moscow mule and craft beer lover. pinky addicts. love listening to stories. trying to be a better ‘mama tổng quản/administrator’.

yan zhao

co-founder & director

realistic dreamer. idealistic planner. enticed by good visuals, excited by great stories. inspired by guillermo del toro, intrigued by neil gaiman. watches too many films. drinks too much coffee. unilever brand manager (dove deodorant) then, commercial director now. eager tourist. travel photographer. slytherin. decent human being.

seng yew


aspiring teller of stories. excessive devourer of tales. loves jazz and the lessons it teaches. there are no new notes, just the way you pick them. lover of sports, not so much the injuries that come with it. believes that the best work comes when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.

alex tai


creative explorer. retail assistant turned mlm salesman turned car mechanic turned copywriter turned commercial director. turns life experiences into stories. turns most in his sleep. turns everyday ingredients into cocktails. then into conversations. believes everyone wins when you can laugh at adversity. and ads.

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we are equally at ease working with direct clients and creative agencies.
for us, no client is too small, and no idea is too big.


welcome to our humble Ant Nest in Saigon, where there is always food.
(+ maybe a few photos of our studio)

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